About Us

Welcome to the RAD Neighborhood

We are so glad you like to get RAD! We are a community of RAD humans across the planet that love to share our enthusiasim for getting RAD! Do you kite, surf, bike, climb whatever, sharing the stoke brings us all to the next level and that is what getting RAD is all about.

We share stories of people doing amazing things. Whether they be professional athletes or dirtbag adventurers. Sharing our adventures inspires each other to dream more and our connection enables us to bring those dreams to a reality.

Our community is a positive adventure community. Ready to lend a hand and share an incredible experience. We are here to support each others dreams, and the dreams we share. By connecting virtually and in person we create a community that enables us all to live our RADest dreams.

The RAD Neighborhood was born out of a desire to connect with others that love to explore and adventure in all different ways across the world. We found that we had surfer friends and skier friends, kiters and bikers, yet we loved to do it all and wanted to connect with everyone under a broader love of adventure. RAD Neighbor was created to connect adventurous people across diciplines to discover and celebrate all the RADness that is possible.

Do you love to get RAD? What are your passions and what would you like to learn next?

Join the RAD Neighborhood and connect with your adventure tribe today.

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